Lake Gogebic Groomers going out today

Weather: 5 or 6″ snow, sleet and some rain
Trail Conditions: Improving but need cold and snow

Nor rain or sleet or even snow will kill our hopes of a good snowmobile season. We seen it all yesterday, I would guess we got 6-7 inches of snow with some rain in between. Don’t fret, it was not a bad thing. Cold temps today will start setting in a good base on the trails. But the bottom line is we will need more cold and snow to whip us into shape. The cold is here, the next few days should really help freeze things up around here. I don’t see this weekend as being very good conditions trail wise, and you would be a fool to venture out on to the Lake. (Sorry Markie) I know I will see a few of you, but don’t plan on the ride of your life, it will be thin or wet or good in spots, but don’t come in bitchin at me, you were warned. The groomers are heading out today I was told, more so for breaking ice in wet spots so they freeze back up.

I put the link to the new web site up top, it will become the new Bergland Bay Bar site when we get the bugs out. I am hoping to go live with it in the next few weeks.

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