Deep Freeze in Bergland




December 8th 9:30am
Weather: Ficken Cold
Trail Conditions: need snow,  we got the cold

It is fricken cold outside, -8 at 9am here in Bergland.  So we got our cold now bring on the snow.  Conditions around Lake Gogebic are improving, Groomers have been out and will continue to whip our trails into shape, we just need some more snow.  It will come.  For now Twin Lakes seems to be the place most are coming from, lets see what this week brings for us, after a good cold snap a warm up and a dumping on would be great.  Hopefully ole Mother Nature cooperates.

I found out I lost a few good friends yesterday, Miller is selling my Excursion to Lisa and Jerry is so pussy whipped he sold his sled.  OUCH…….  I can find another Excursion but how could I ever replace Jerry………

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