Lake Gogebic Area Trails getting better



December 9th 6:30pm
Weather: Ficken Cold
Trail Conditions: cold with flurries here and there


Check out the ride on the access trail coming into Bergland

Late report today, tequila and bush lights were tasting too good last night.  TJ and his buddy were in last night and they said the trails were pretty good for the most part.  They still ran into some that haven’t been groomed and a few gates that have not been opened up yet.  This is probably due to the muzzle loading season that is open until 12-15-13.  Ice is getting thicker on the Lake, I would expect to see ice shacks out there this weekend.  But if you are coming up use caution riding on the Lake,  I’m sure there will be tracks, but you wouldn’t catch my fat a$$ out there yet.

The new site will be ready soon, hopefully you like the new webcam I put online.  It is the one in front of the bar and it has a lot wider and clearer view.  The night time view is a lot better too.  Check out the new site at

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