8 inches of Snow on Lake Gogebic?


December 11th 8:00am
Weather:An inch or 2 and Real Ficken Cold
Trail Conditions: Good to better the further north the better it gets

So the weatherman must be a guy.  He doesn’t know the difference between 2 inches and 8 inches.  But all is not bad, the deep freeze will continue to make ice on Lake Gogebic a little quicker.  Ice shacks are starting to appear out on the Bay by Bergland but still rider beware, I’m sure this weekend a lot more tracks will be seen on the Lake, but be careful, let everyone else go first LOL.  Also after what happened last year with the huge heave, be aware that heaves can pop up at anytime.  Get us in the 1-2 inches a day mode, that gives the groomers plenty to work with and keeps the trails fresh.

P.S.  Hey Ryan in Janesville, your buddies Eric and Nick were up here celebrating Eric’s birthday they left a bar tab for you, so please come up here and settle up with me.

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