Bergland Bay Bar Web Cams Down



Weather: Cold, and I mean Cold

Trail Conditions: Decent, improves as you go north

Well things were going too good yesterday and then they took a crap on me.  Some of the web cams are not uploading pics, I am not sure what is going on but I am sure that somehow it was me that screwed things up.  Bottom line is I need to take a break and clear my head, I have other things I need to do today so I am going to try to get back to fixing the cams tonight.  (email too LOL)

Trail conditions are OK, it is early season riding around here, we need snow bottom line.  North of us keeps getting pounded, we are just sitting in a deep freeze.  Ice shacks are going out on the Lake, but use caution if you are coming up this weekend, let everyone else go first.  I gotta run for now, hopefully tomorrow everything will be fixed.



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