So you want to be a Weatherman?




Weather: An inch or 2 of new snow

Trail Conditions: Good

I want to be a weatherman in my next life, yesterday it looked like we were going to get snow, today it doesn’t look too good, yesterday we got snow and it wasn’t even forecasted from what I remember.  John Dee is probably the most consistent I have seen since I have been following the weather up here, weather underground changes drastically daily.  John’s forecast comes out by 10am, I usually try to look at his forecast before I put the report out but I have to get going early this morning.  Hopefully we are still going to get what he had up on his site yesterday.

We have not been getting the snow that they have been getting north of us, but we have been getting an inch or two every couple of days, this is good because it builds our base.  Don’t worry, we are in good shape, and it is only going to get better…………

If you are up here for New Years I did purchase some fireworks for discharge at Midnight.  If you are not here try tuning into the web cams, my cams limit to 20 users at 2 minutes a session, so if at first you can’t get on refresh and you may be able to get on when someone else’s session expires.

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