Bergland Snowmobile Trails = Awesome



I was told today by a snowmobiler that as usual I understated the trail conditions.  I also said we were not getting any snow yesterday.  I guess that is why I am the “ünofficial Trail report”.  It started snowing right after I put out yesterdays report and it kind of snowed all day, but it was one of those days where the accumulation didn’t amount to too much.  About 2 inches which may not seem like much to some of you, but to most of us guys 2 inches is a lot.  We got LES and also some fine system snow, keep an eye on the weather the next few days, we may be getting a good dose soon.

I am still ironing out a few bugs here and there with the site, any feed back you can give would help, yep I know the damn porcupine is not close enough to the camera.  LOL  But if you can blow the pic up, especially on smart phones, you can see it clearer and you can even tell Porkie has balls. Bottom line, the trails are real good, I told you to get your a$$es up here………………

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