Snowing as I write Trail Report for Bergland




Weather: Snowing now, more on the way

Trail Conditions: Very Good

What a beautiful day to have my plow truck in the shop, snowing now with 4-12 in the forecast between now and 11pm Monday night.  So my bet is….being I have no plow truck, it is going to snow like mad, kind of like Murphy’s Law.

If you want to make sure we have lots of snow for the day after Christmas, do what I am doing, today is Sunday so take your mother to church this morning, we have to out number all the others sitting in pews praying for clear roads and driveways………

I’m told there is a couple of water holes north of here by the intersection od trails 101 & 12.  I think the one off the trail is the deep one, like up to the gas tank, so take the shallow puddle, your sled will thank you for it.

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