UP Snowmobile Trail Conditions




Weather: Into the 30’s today

Trail Conditions: Very Good

Good conditions reported by all, not a grown in the bar.  Temps are going up into the 30’s today and tomorrow and then are forecast ed to drop right back down.  A hint of an inch or so of snow a day for next few days too. All real good conditions for the groomers to work with.

Yesterday was not as busy as I thought it would have been, probably because of all the snow in the Keewanaw, and Wisconsin and Minnesota having snow.  Less traffic boild down to less bussiness for me but better trails for you.

Some of the trail changes did not get onto the new map.  You cannot come from Ewen down trail 8 anymore and go north to catch 13 to Rockland unless you come into Bergland first and then go out the access trail right up from the old bar on the corner.

In between Ontonagon and White Pine there is a reroute at the 13 &101 Junction, you have to jog north on a road now.  I marked up a map below.





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