New Princess of Bergland Bay Bar




Weather: holy crap, thermometer says -18 at 9am

Trail conditions: good and should be getting better

Trail conditions were down yesterday due to Friday and Saturday’s warm up and heavier traffic, but as groomers get out and with colder temps they will be hard and flat once again.  The forecast for snow is not the best for the next few days but we have plenty on the trails and we are still getting an inch or two here and there.  Come on up conditions are good.

My condolences to all the Bear fans out there, but even if the Bears would have won I can honestly say that was one of the most enjoyable games I have watched in a long time.  The bar was probably split about 50/50 between Packer and Bear fans, both sides were cheering right up until the end.  It was fun, thanks to both teams and everyone in the bar for a good time.

Now there comes a time when the King can no longer wait for the Princess to return, and sometimes he has to crown a new Princess, so, sorry old Princess, the new Princess has arrived……

new Princess

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