Cold, Just fricken cold in Bergland




Weather: Fricken cold

Trail Conditions: Flat and hard

Holy crap, it is cold out, even for up here.  High of -3 today, not wind chill, just the temp.  A friend of mine posted that pic yesterday from out on the trail, the trails look inviting don’t they?  Not much snow in the forecast over the next few days, it will come, only a question of when, for now we are good though, we have lighter traffic with snow all over right now.

I had a few comments on Facebook and an email or two asking why I didn’t call the police or post the pics of the assholes that stole the bag in my lot the other day.  I would have in a second if I had a clear shot.  The camera they were recorder on was not strong enough to make a positive ID.  I was only trying to do whatever I could to get the guy’s bag back.  I do not like thieves and I will do anything I can to prevent or catch that crap at our bar.  So there is a new camera on order.  Incidents like this are far and few between up here, most people are just here for a good time, but out of thousands or tens of thousands of people I guess you are going to find an asshole or two, in this case 3.  I doubt very much these 3 guys were followers of mine, they were in plain view of the camera, just a little to far away from the one that records to get caught.  Enjoy your “free” Yamaha Bag buddies, I got a feeling fate will catch up with you some day soon.

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