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A Bit warmer for the week ahead

Weather: we picked up a few more inches and a bit warmer temps

Conditions: Very good

Cold temps, low traffic and continued snow here and there have kept our trails in very good shape.  Business picked up yesterday but most of the week was pretty quiet.  Mid week riding is excellent with riders only seeing a few sleds while out on the trails.

This was pretty cool


Be carefully when you are riding the west shore of Lake Gogebic.  Just north of Gogebic Lodge they built the track for the radar run on Saturday and there are berms or piles of snow out there.  I was told that it is not marked too good, so beware.

Careful on Lake Gogebic


Be carefully when you are riding the west shore of Lake Gogebic.  Just nort of Gogebic Lodge they built the track for the radar run on Saturday and there are berms or piles of snow out there.  I was told that it is not marked too good, so beware.

Warmer and snow in Bergland

Weather: High of 15 today and snow

Trail Conditions: Couldn’t be ay better

All good news coming in from snowmobilers.  If anyone rides 11n let me know how it is. Snow is coming down as I write this, we are expecting a couple of inches, maybe more.  Low traffic and the cold temps are making for excellent conditions up here.


An elderly man was stopped by the police around 2 AM and was asked where he was going at that time of night. The man replied, “I’m on my way to a lecture about alcohol abuse and the effects it has on the human body, as well as smoking, and staying out late.”
The officer then asked, “Really? Who’s giving that lecture at this time of night?”
The man replied, “That would be my wife.”

Valentine’s Day 500 anyone?

Weather: warming up a bit with 1 or 2 inches a day in the forecast.

Trail Conditions: very Good

Heard of a couple rough spots the last couple of days but the groomers have not been going out in the bitter cold we have had.  They will be out again today fixing things back up again.

Ever hear of Nick Kellar ” the Mileage Man”  Nick raises money for cancer and every Valentine’s Day he does a 500 mile ride here is his Facebook page

Mike Peters is also riding with Nick and they have set up a page to donate money.  Mike is the one who helped me switch over the web site to the new format and he also uploads trail report videos to my facebook page.

Mike would not let me pay him for the help he gave me with the website. I would like to repay him by helping raise money for a good cause, if you can please help by donating money in Mike’s name. This is a good charity, the money goes to the people and not to the “Professional Fund Raisers”  If you ever felt like helping out a good cause well this is it.  Here is the link to Mike’s page


Hell has frozen over – Snowmobilers Safe

Weather: -22 at 10am

Trail Conditions: Very good to Excellent (nobody out there)

I think hell has froze over, it is fricken cold out there but just be patient, tomorrow’s high is going to soar all the way up to 17 degrees.  Temps look to stay colder than normal for the week ahead, so if you are coming up make sure you dress warm.  I have seen more people with frostbite this year than I have in the 7 years I have been up here.  If you are going to ride bundle up.

I’m sure you have heard the 2 lost snowmobilers were found in good shape.  I was sent a pic of them in the hospital but I am not going to post it.  They may just want to forget about their ordeal.  If they do want to share what happened and how they survived I will gladly post that at a later time.

Lost Snowmobilers in the Porkies Found

Just got word the lost snowmobilers were found alive.   I’ll have more when i find out

Snowmobilers lost in the Porkies

Weather: Cold

Trail Conditions: Very good to Excellent

Conditions except for the cold are excellent out there.  It doesn’t get any better.  Sorry for anyone that stopped by for a beef yesterday but I needed a day off.  Becker and I went to the Casino and soaked in the hot tub most of the night.

On the news this morning they said 2 snowmobilers went off trail up in the Porkies around Silver City and are still missing.  I will update when I hear more, them prayers you guys sent for Dave helped, these 2 could use some too I think.


Trail Conditions are great around Bergland

Weather: Snow and Cold

Trail Conditions: Very Good to Excellent

I heard a few riders say some trails were getting a little rough by last night but for the most part everything was either very good or excellent.  We had a lot of riders in this weekend but a lot of them said they did not see many sleds on the trail.  Snow all over has spread riders throughout the midwest, so if you like the UP come up and join us, you won’t be disappointed. I haven’t commented much on snowfall but we probably got another foot since that dump of LES.  We have been getting a couple of inches or more every day or two. Great way to keep the trails refreshed.

We are having the after party for the Walleye Lodge’s Ice Fishing Tournament at 1pm today at the bar.  So I will be packed with fishermen probably until 4 or 5.  I will not be able to cook until after that is over, in fact I am probably going to make it an early night and spend a little time with Becker.  But if you come in between 5 and 8 pm I’m sure I can whip up a few beef sandwiches, after that only pizza will be available.  Don’t worry I am leaving the bar in good hands……..

Did I stir up crap or what?

Weather: cold and snowy

Trail Conditions: Very Good to Excellent

Yesterday’s post I asked to use hand signals for the groomers that are pulled off the side of the trail and courtesy for staying on your own side of the trail.  I also posted it to John Dee’s website.

The replies I got boggled my mind.  Half of the people don’t use them so I don’t either, taking a hand off the wheel is unsafe, if you are white knuckled you have no business out there.  What the fuck, snowmobilers are good people, where is all this shit coming from?  Don’t you people care about the other person out there?  I have people in their 70 & 80’s come into my place that are snowmobilers.  Are you going to change your style of riding IF you live to be their age?  If this post pisses you off then stay the hell out of my bar.  I don’t need or want your business.

If you were ever at an accident site waiting for help to come, maybe you would see things a little differently.  We want people to have fun, but we also want them to come back and see us again.

Trail Courtesy while snowmobiling

Weather: Mild today, then cold

Trail Conditions: Maybe a little too good, read below

Trail conditions are very good, maybe a little too good.  With good trails comes other problems, riders and groomers have been complaining about hand signals, please use them. The email I posted below was sent to me and I posted it word for word. I see a lot of families and couples up here riding, I post when I hear about accidents because I want people to think about safety out on the trails.  There is a time and a place for everything, use your heads out there people………………..


I am sending this to you because everyone I talk to about sledding in the UP knows about your site.

 My friends and I were up over King Day Weekend and had a freaking blast, even bought a new sled while I was there. I have only one issue and this is the part I hope your able to post.

 While riding the trails, there were numerous other riders who did not have the common courtesy to hand signal how many riders were the group of on coming traffic.  On top of this they seem to be taking their half of the trail out of the middle going what seemed to be 80 MPH. This kind of shit gets people hurt.

 This is what I have to say to you, and you know who you are, If you cant ride with respect on common courtesy to the other on the trail STAY THE FUCK HOME!. MY KIDS AND FRIENDS ARE OUT THERE!



Mark W