Happy New Years from the Bergland Bay Bar




Weather: Cold

Trail Conditions: Very Good

Happy New Years everyone.  Not sure how many of you tuned in to watch the fireworks last night, but everyone at the bar said they were pretty damn good.  I couldn’t see them because I was busy shooting them off.  Next year I am going to find someone else to do my dirty work so I can sit back and enjoy the show.

I want to send a shout out to Dawn and Bret and say thank you for pitching in to help pay for the fireworks.  It was very much appreciated.

We got a little bit of snow yesterday, maybe an inch.  Not much but enough to give us a fresh topping to help keep your sleds running cool.  Trails are hard and flat, reports are very good coming from snowmobiliers.  Get your A$$es up here, conditions are great and traffic is light and snow is in the forecast for this weekend.

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