Cold in Bergland

Weather: Just Cold

Trail Conditions: Very Good

Cold weather is here to stay it looks like, trails are hard and flat and traffic is light.  We have not been getting a lot of snow but it seems like we get about an inch or so every other day.  We are getting enough to refresh the trails and keep our base up.  What we could use is a good dumping on to smooth out the lake.  The sleds have road through the slush when it was warmer and then it froze back down, which causes rough surfaces in places. A good dumping on would fill in the bumps. We will get it, in fact we are over due, it’s just a matter of when.  New Years was a blast, I heard from a few people that were on the webcams at midnight.

With the snow spread out all over we have light traffic, all of my lodging sponsors have openings so give them a call and book some nights, our trails are in great shape and I got a lot of beef sandwiches waiting to go on plates.  Get your a$$es up here, conditions are what you like.

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