Warm for a Few hours then Look out

Weather: 20 degrees at 8am, then look out till Wednesday

Trail Conditions: Very Good, Very Flat, Very Cold

First off I would like to thank WoJo for the donation towards the website, thank you very much, it is greatly appreciated.

Great conditions out there, we got a few inches from what I can see out my kitchen window.  The wind was howling when I went to bed last night and the snow was coming down.  It is hard to say how much snow we got with the wind, I will probably see none to 6″ when I start plowing, but I would guess we got a few overall.  Expect Very good to excellent conditions all over the area, trails are hard and flat and traffic is low. Dress warm, it is going to be cold through Wednesday.

I almost ran out of beef yesterday, Reinhart’s truck broke down and I won’t get my delivery until today.  You came close to running me out of beefs by about 10, close but no cigar LOL.

For those of you that read the Taser story last year, sorry for the repeat but I got requests to run it again.

PS hey John email me your Woodworking website please,

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