-12 warming up to -4 in Bergland

Weather: -12 at 8am, but warming up to -4 later today

Trail Report: Good

Reports coming in yesterday were good but some bumpy trails out there.  1 going to White Pine was reported as choppy and 13n after the Norwich Rd was reported as rough.  Use caution if you are riding the lake, slush and rough ice were also reported.

Yesterday was an unbelievably slow day up here.  Not many riders around, the snow spread out around the country is really cutting down on traffic in the UP.  Come on up, you can have the woods all to yourselves.

The police were out yesterday up on M-64 just north of Bergland.  I have heard from people that live along M-64 that a lot of sled traffic has been going down that stretch of the highway.  I have also see a lot of sleds going right down M-28 through Bergland.  Why people are riding the State Highways instead of using the trail is beyond me.  Complaints will bring the police around, and from what I have seen myself and heard from people I know personally, there is a reason people are complaining.

A shout out to the folks from “One” Cylinder Iowa, I am still not sure if they were running on one cylinder or their sleds were.  But Becker said they were a lot of fun Friday night.

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