Snowmobile Accident North of Bergland

Weather: Fricken, Fricken Cold

Trail Conditions: Very Good (and Fricken Cold)

Trails are in good shape and will be for the next three days, no I cannot predict the future, but common sense tells me with temps we are not going to have a lot of people riding them the next few days.

I would like to share an email and a few pics that Bill sent me.  I am doing this to remind people that you need to be careful out there.  Just imagine if this happened today with a temp (not wind chill) of -26 degrees……………


Hey Tom, just wanted to share my story with you, if you have a few minutes. I was headed down to have a delicious beef last weekend from twin lakes and never made it.

I’m just sitting at home trying to occupy my brain and make this pain go away so i thought i would send an email.
Went up to  Michigan right after christmas for a long weekend of riding. Which seems to be becoming tradition. Friday and saturday we headed north of twin lakes thru houghton/Hancock and up to copper harbor. Trails were just perfect. Did some of the loops. Had a great time. Over 200 miles. Headed south on saturday the 28th to go have lunch at the bergland bay bar. We were on trail 13, about 8 miles south of rockland. For some reason they had not groomed that night, looked like maybe longer. Trail kinda sucked so i was trying to find the smoothest part of the trail. Went a little too far to the left, my left ski went off the trail, i gave it some gas to get back on. I should have stopped i guess, and just been stuck. Still don’t know what i hit, something lunched me in the air. It all happened so fast. I just remember a hard impact and then flying through the air at about 40 mph. I remember the landing was so soft, got really lucky, only hit a few tiny pine trees and 3 feet of snow. No stumps or rocks, really lucky with my landing. I remember seeing my sled come to a stop. It was just sitting there idling, i hear it has some small scratches on the left side but thats it. Well my leg stayed attached to the sled a little too long and broke my left tibia and fibula. I was laying still in the snow and i moved my leg but the foot stayed. 30 to 40 minutes later the ontonagan fire and ems showed up to help me. Cut my boot off. Got my left leg wrapped. I was put on a sled and brought to the road. 30 minute Ambulance to the hospital in ontonagon for x-rays. My first ambulance ride. Not too exciting. Long story short, I ended up heading home. Made it to a hospital in libertyville IL at 3 am in the back of my brothers pick up. Surgery at 9:30 am Sunday. Long titanium rod with 4 screws in the tibia, the fibula is suppose to heal on its own they tell me. No cast either. So thats that. Home now. Can’t seem to find a comfortable position on the couch no matter what I try. Pain is my position. Lol. Ohhhh. Hurts to type lol. Ohhhh.
I think about the day before, so many areas up by Copper Harbor have no phone service. If this happened up there, and at night, what an even worse nightmare that could have been. I’m sure it has happened before. I keep telling myself, it could always be worse. Sorry i missed you. Ill send a few good pics. Bill
photo 3photo 1
Thank you very much Bill for taking the time to share your story, hopefully it will make us stop and think and save someone else the pain and agony you are going through.  Get healed up soon my friend.

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