Global warming coming to Bergland

Weather: Cold now but warming up for a few days

Trail Conditions: Very Good

Holy crap, I wore a sweatshirt yesterday, it got all the way up to zero I believe.  And for the next week it looks like global warming is going to hit the UP.  This weekend it is going to hit the 30 mark and stay rather mild through the first part of next week. Today temps are going to soar to the high teens.  I know a lot of you are experiencing the same weather patterns we have, I hope everyone is staying warm and cozy.

Traffic up here has been very light, cold temps and snow every where have been keeping riders either at home or closer to home.  Warmer temps hopefully will bring us a fresh batch of white stuff to refresh the trails.

I’ll have hot Italian beefs ready if you venture up.  Conditions are very good, it is definitely worth the trip……….


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