This is how we loose trails

IMPORTANT PLEASE READ and HELP STOP THIS! Report this if you see this going on! Get sled #’s Hate to lose this trail

The message below is copied from the Michigan Snowmobile Association from the MDNR

“The Military Hill issue is coming up again.

Basically the guys with their mountain sleds (mostly) are leaving trail #3 and running up and down the slopes heading down to US-45. The Michigan Snowmobile Program has put up signs, & $8,000.00 worth of fencing, more signs – and we still have the issue. The land belongs to the USFS, MDOT, DNR, and some is private.

The long term issue here is that if this continues we could eventually lose Trail #3. The locals are upset as are the landowners. It’s been planted with seedlings for erosion control and they are getting mowed down.
I hate to see a few people ruin things for everyone else. Can you get something on your website and Facebook page about this? I would appreciate it. A little education might go a long way. If folks know that this behavior could lead to us losing this trail, maybe they’ll stay on the trail.

Your help is appreciated. If you have any questions let me know.……Ron”

Ron Yesney
Michigan DNR
West U.P. Recreation Specialist
1990 US-41 South
Marquette, MI 49855

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