One more day of warm, but the trails survived just fine

Weather: One more day of 30’s then colder

Trail Conditions: Mostly very good

The word has been very good for the most part on trail conditions.  Expect the usual rough spots, like the second half of 13 going into Rockland.  But for the most part with low traffic the warm temps have been giving riders decent conditions to enjoy the trails.  I think I need to go out and do something dumb so I have something to write about, it has been slow up here, more than a few stopping by for beefs though.  But I don’t see a lot of sleds going by the bar just yet.  Word has it rental sleds are going out a lot more starting January 15th, that should be an indication of more people heading up.  This is Kristie’s last week working for the season, she is due January 29, and expecting a girl, Woo Hoo, my next generation Bartender.

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