Cooler Temps and Snow headed to Bergland Perhaps?

Weather: 26 degrees for a high today and then down we go

Trail Conditions: Good to Very Good

We survived the little warm up just fine, streets are getting bare but we did not loose much at all on the trails.  The sun cooperated and stayed hidden which always helps.  The trails stayed in good shape probably due to less traffic.  Word has it that this week sled rental reservations are on the rise so I am expecting a big increase in traffic.  Temps are going down starting tonight and promises of snow starting on Wednesday look very favorable.  Well it is about damn time, we got snow in December but in January so far most has missed us.  Sounds like a repeat of last year, well we can only hope I guess, because after it started snowing around January 18th of last year, it didn’t quit.  I had 7 sleds in the last weekend of April, and then a Harley 5 minutes after the sleds left.  Save some vacation time for March, the last 2 years I took my ride in March and the trails were exceptional.  This year it may be hard to get away with Kristie off, but I am going to try to do what ever I can to get a few days away. (even if I have to shut down the kitchen, sorry)  Don’t fret, it won’t be until sometime in March.  Pack your bags and get your asses up here, my gut tells me our season will be getting busier starting this week……….

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