Stay on Trail, Weekend Ice Fishing Contest, and snow in Bergland?


Weather: A little colder

Trail Conditions: Miller says they were EXCELLENT (and he bitches a lot when conditions are not good)

My buddy Miller is a good judge of trail conditions, and he said they were great.  They road from the west shore of Gogebic up through Silver City, White Pine, Ontonagon, Rockland and down 13 to Bergland.  As his face was lit up with joy telling me about Holly and his ride, I kept waiting for the let down, you see Miller always has something to complain about.  But the complaining never came.

The Walleye Lodge’s Ice Fishing Contest is next weekend, see flyer Ice Fishing TournamentAd7      I will be busy the first 2-3 hours on Sunday so I am not going to open the kitchen until 3 or 4 pm.

I received an email asking where Military Hill is.  Actually it is on trail 3 north of Bruce Crossing on the way to Rockland.  This area is posted with stay on trail signs but riders just can’t seem to resist running up and down the hill.  This area is planted with seedlings to help stop erosion during the spring thaw and heavy rains.  People are running over the small trees and authorities are getting pissed.  That is why the DNR sent out a notice to try and get the word passed around to stop this.  If you don’t know where you are, stay on the trail, just because one idiot made tracks don’t mean you should follow.  This leads to us loosing trails.  A small retraction from that email, the DNR officer said mountain sleds were the blame, I was corrected in an email by a guy who was offended by the DNR stating it was mountain sleds, he said they were idiots causing the problem and I totally agree.

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