Snowmobiler comes home after being hit by car

Weather: Mild temps, snow on the way

Trail Conditions: A little tore up

First off and most important, the snowmobiler who was hit by a car on Military Hill last week is doing good, he came home from the hospital yesterday. Thank you everyone for keeping Dave in your thoughts and prayers, it worked.

The trails got a little tore up later in the day yesterday from what I am told. We did have a lot more sleds around the last few days.  The groomers should be out today getting things back in shape, but there are still a lot of people around, and we have warmer temps today, so don’t expect miracles, you’ll probably find some beat up trails.

I got a compliment from a guy in the bar two days ago, he told me that he has traveled the world over and not had a sandwich as good as my Italian Beef.  I am not saying this to brag, I just hope he reads this so I can apologize, I was busy and had a few things going through my head and I didn’t really thank him like I should have. That was the best compliment I have received.

The coming week has snow in the forecast, so get your asses up here, conditions are going to be great this week…………..

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