Lost Phone and Dave comes Home

FOUND iPhone 5 at the bar……Call me, it was left probably Thurs or Friday.  I would call you but the damn lock is on.

Weather: Another inch or so, and cold temps this week

Trail Report: A little soft but generally pretty good shape

Riders are reporting loose trails.  That;s what a foot of LES does for the trails.  It looks pretty but truthfully a two inch wet snow is a lot better for the trails.  A little bit of snow and cold temps should get the trails hard and smooth again.

I am posting an email from Dave, my friend that was hit by the truck on Military Hill last week.  He is back at their house in Merriweather, healing up some before they drive back to Iowa.

It’s Dave at Da Shack. Just wanted to say thank you for your posts and prayers. And thanks for stopping by.
You spend your whole year working you’re ass off to go on vacation. Saving money & planning everything. Then in a freak moment, it’s all gone! A truck runs you over! I don’t know why and I may never know. I appreciate you setting everyone straight that I was no crazy snowmobiler! I was just sitting there at the stop sign on the snowmobile trail! Snowmobilers have enough bad press as it is so thanks for setting the story straight!
I want to say thank you to EVERYONE that helped me! The Ontonagon first responders/ambulance, the Ontonagon hospital staff,  the flight crew, the Marquette ambulance crew, the Marquette hospital staff, and especially the surgeons who tell me that most people with my injuries are called Donors because they don’t survive.
Thank you to you and Becker for your friendship! Your emails &  posts allowed many people to send prayers and give my wife comfort in the days that I was totally out of it in the hospital. This means more to me than you know!
I’m looking forward to next season!
Thanks again!
Dave Fisher


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