Trails in the Western UP are great, BBB out of Beef


Weather: Cold with snow in the forecast

Trail conditions: Only complaint was 13 going into Rockland

All riders reporting great trails except for the second half of 13 going into Rockland.  We have cold temps hanging around for a while with snow in the forecast.  Traffic has picked up some but the trails are not getting beat like they were last year at this time.  Conditions are as good as they get, but bundle up, it is cold out there.  Get your asses up here………

Thank you Kim for telling me to use Siri on the lost locked iPhone, the owner couldn’t believe how I found him.  He was very happy.

Congrats to everyone who ordered beefs since last Friday, you successfully ran me out as of last night.  This is the first time I think I ran totally out.

Here is a cool video, looks like both rider and deer were OK.

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