Trail Courtesy while snowmobiling

Weather: Mild today, then cold

Trail Conditions: Maybe a little too good, read below

Trail conditions are very good, maybe a little too good.  With good trails comes other problems, riders and groomers have been complaining about hand signals, please use them. The email I posted below was sent to me and I posted it word for word. I see a lot of families and couples up here riding, I post when I hear about accidents because I want people to think about safety out on the trails.  There is a time and a place for everything, use your heads out there people………………..


I am sending this to you because everyone I talk to about sledding in the UP knows about your site.

 My friends and I were up over King Day Weekend and had a freaking blast, even bought a new sled while I was there. I have only one issue and this is the part I hope your able to post.

 While riding the trails, there were numerous other riders who did not have the common courtesy to hand signal how many riders were the group of on coming traffic.  On top of this they seem to be taking their half of the trail out of the middle going what seemed to be 80 MPH. This kind of shit gets people hurt.

 This is what I have to say to you, and you know who you are, If you cant ride with respect on common courtesy to the other on the trail STAY THE FUCK HOME!. MY KIDS AND FRIENDS ARE OUT THERE!



Mark W


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