Did I stir up crap or what?

Weather: cold and snowy

Trail Conditions: Very Good to Excellent

Yesterday’s post I asked to use hand signals for the groomers that are pulled off the side of the trail and courtesy for staying on your own side of the trail.  I also posted it to John Dee’s website.

The replies I got boggled my mind.  Half of the people don’t use them so I don’t either, taking a hand off the wheel is unsafe, if you are white knuckled you have no business out there.  What the fuck, snowmobilers are good people, where is all this shit coming from?  Don’t you people care about the other person out there?  I have people in their 70 & 80’s come into my place that are snowmobilers.  Are you going to change your style of riding IF you live to be their age?  If this post pisses you off then stay the hell out of my bar.  I don’t need or want your business.

If you were ever at an accident site waiting for help to come, maybe you would see things a little differently.  We want people to have fun, but we also want them to come back and see us again.

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