Bergland Conditions

Weather: Single digits, a bit of a dusting

Trail Conditions: Couldn’t be better

I get sick of saying the same ole thing, but conditions are great out there.  That’s partly because no one is up here.  I have been told by more than a few riders that conditions are the best they have seen up here.  Snow all around the midwest is keeping our traffic light, cold temps have kept trails hard and flat.  I got plenty of beef and beer so stop on in.

A dog had followed his owner to school.  His owner was a fourth grader at a public elementary school.  However, when the bell rang, the dog sidled inside the building and made it all the way to the child’s classroom before a teacher noticed and shooed him outside, closing the door behind him.  The dog sat down, whimpered and stared at the closed doors.  Then God appeared beside the dog, patted his head, and said,

 ‘Don’t feel bad fella’…they won’t let ME in either’.

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