Copper Harbor or Bust

Weather: Fricken cold this morning

Trail Conditions: never been better

Hard, flat and fast.  Not a bump from here to Copper Harbor.  I started coming to Bergland with my buddy Randy in early 2000 to ride.  We always wanted to make the trip to Copper Harbor but something always stopped us.  (usually a late night at the bar the night before)  But this year my buddy Randy and my brother Pat and their crew made it there and back. Congrats you guys, from the facebook photos it looks like it was a lot of fun.

Team Arctic Tennessee was in last night still celebrating their 4 trophies from the Radar Run last weekend, they were having a real good time.  A lady staying next to them at Gogebic Lodge said it was cute how they all giggle like little school girls……

There is not much I can say about trail conditions, riders say they are the best they have seen in years, light traffic continues to be the major factor there, the groomers are doing a great job, but without a bunch of sleds here tearing things up, they stay in great condition.

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