Snowball Cancer Ride

Weather: Cold this morning but warming up quickly

Trail Conditions: Fricken Awesome

Not too much I can say about conditions, they have not changed, snow is in the forecast for next week, we are well over due.

I am going to let Nick and Mary Jane stay in the lime light, the Valentine’s Day 500 is right around the corner.  Nick, Mike and friends will ride over 500 miles in one day to raise money for cancer.  We all get hit up for donations for a lot of reasons but I do not donate to most of them, I am always leery of the professional fund raisers.  Like the phone calls for the fire and police departments that we all know are just a scam.

I can assure you Nick’s cause is genuine.  The money he gets goes to people in need, not administrative costs.  If you can please donate to the Valentine’s Day 500 Run.  Mike Peters will be riding along with Mike and he is raising money too.  If you are able to, send them something under Mike’s name, Mike is the one who helped me switch over the website this year.  The site is


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