Snowmobiles are not allowed on Michigan State Highways

Weather: Cold today and tomorrow, then warmer and snow

Trail Conditions: A little rough between Rockland and Greenland

Between Rockland and Greenland is the only spot I heard where trails are a little rough.  I am sure they will get that groomed up shortly.  All other reports have been excellent.  Next weekend is President’s Weekend and you can probably expect traffic to pick up a bit.  But we will still be slower than years past.

Starting Tuesday it is supposed to warm up a bit for a while, and snow is in the forecast.  Get ready for a well deserved refresh.

Nick Keller, the guy that rides the Yamaha all over the place was in an accident earlier this week.  From what I understand it was do to someone coming around a corner on his side of the trail.  The impact busted his finger open and did some damage to his sled, but he got himself and his sled patched up and is back out on the trail.  Nick is trying to hit 75,000 miles this year.  From an earlier post Nick hit 70,000 as he pulled into my parking lot.  So 5,000 more miles to go this year.  Good luck Nick.

I went outside the bar yesterday because there were 4 sleds wondering which way to go to get gas.  I told them to turn around and take the trail but instead they ran right up Pine St and took a left on M-28.  I have seen a lot of sleds go by the bar heading up to the Highway.  I have tracked people down and asked why they used the highway and the response I am getting is they didn’t know where to go.  Dave the Groomer put up more signs around Bergland, we are doing what we can to direct people but for some reason it is not working.  People it is your responsibility to know where it is legal to ride.  State highways will get you a ticket.  Beware the cops are going to be out there and there are going to be tickets issued.  Don’t bitch that we are an unfriendly town when you are riding where you are not supposed too.  Another problem spot is people leaving the Mobil Station in town and heading north on M-64.  That short cut is going to cost some of you money.  OK you have been warned……….

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