Weather: 24 degrees and 4-6 inches of snow today

Trail Conditions: About to get better

How can you improve excellent trail conditions?  Let the temp go up into the 20’s and add 4-6 inches of snow and a Valentine’s Day 500 Cancer run, and one of my hot beefs where the proceeds will go towards the Keller Family Community Foundation.   Stop in today where I have raised the price of my sandwiches $3 each for the day, but I am donating all of your food bill to the cause.  So far we have raised $242 and I have not opened the doors yet today.  I had a couple of groups that wanted to eat and donate yesterday and a few more that just donated money.

Go to this web site and follow Nick Keller, Mike Peters and their group and watch them on their journey today. 

If you cannot make it in today and would still like to donate you can go here, but please donate in Mike Peter’s name as he is the one who helped me change over my website. 


Thank you everyone that has donated already and will donate today.  The kindness of people never ceases to amaze me, snowmobilers are the best…

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