BBB running out of beef AGAIN!

Weather: Up into the high 30’s tomorrow and the next few days

Trail Conditions: Absolutely Fabulous

Conditions have never been better, warmer temps for a few days will delight riders I am sure.  Back to cold for the weekend.  Low traffic and great trails.

I will probably run out of beef tonight or early tomorrow, but another shipment is coming in tomorrow night.


A cowboy passes by a ranch and strikes up a conversation with the rancher sitting by the gate.

The cowboy asks the rancher, “Mind if I talk to your dog over there?”

“Damn fool, don’t you know dogs can’t talk?”

The cowboy replies, “So what’s the harm?”

The rancher shrugs, “Go right ahead.”

The cowboy ambles up to the dog and says, “Howdy!” The dog replies, “Hello.”

The rancher’s eyes pop wide open.

The cowboy continues, “Does your master here treat you alright?”

“Sure does. He feeds me, lets me sleep inside, and every day he takes me to the lake.”

The cowboy asks the shocked rancher, “Mind if I talk to your horse over there?”

The rancher replies, “Now, I don’t know what you’re up to, but I know for a fact that horses can’t talk.”

“Well then, what’s the harm?”

“Go right ahead,” says the rancher.

The cowboy says to the horse, “Hello.” The horse replies, “Hello.”

The rancher’s jaw drops.

The cowboy asks, “Your owner here treat you OK?”

“Sure,” replies the horse, tossing his mane. “He rides me every day, brushes me down, feeds me good, and he keeps me in the barn out of the bad weather.”

The cowboy looks satisfied and turns to the rancher, “Are those your sheep over there?”

The rancher looks alarmed and stammers, “Listen — them sheep out there, they’re — they’re nothing but a bunch of liars!”

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