Here comes Global Warming to Bergland

Weather: Above freezing for a few days

Trail Conditions: A few rough spots yesterday

I heard a few complaints yesterday about bumpy trails, but for the most part they were pretty good.  I’m sure the groomers got things straightened out yesterday.  The DNR has told the grooming clubs to cut back on days we groom, that was due to the trails being in good shape and also trail permits possibly being way down.  But we should still have excellent conditions hopefully through March for you.  I still plan on taking a ride in March, hopefully the conditions will still be excellent after March 20th when Kristie returns to work.  I have another load of beef coming in today, I’m not sure if they ran out last night, it will be close though.  See ya soon, get your asses up here, warmer temps on the way and traffic drops off even more after President’s Day weekend……..

A man goes to the nursing home to visit his 84-year-old father. While there he notices the nurse give his father hot chocolate and Viagra.

The man asks, “Why are you doing that? I mean, at his age what will it do for him?”

The nurse explains, “The hot chocolate will help him sleep.”

The man asks, “And the Viagra?”

“Keeps him from falling out of bed.”


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