Sunday, Take your Mother to Church Day

Weather: Back to the cold

Trail Conditions: I’m Speachless

Got writer’s block here.  Nothing new, no assholes, good trails, hot beef, cold beer, need I say more?  It is Sunday, take your mother to church day.  Opps and I said assholes!

Been a busy week, a lot more riders up this past week than I expected, conditions are still as good as they get, so get your asses up here……. Opps there I go again.

Ole was walking home  late at night and sees a woman in the Shadows
‘Twenty dollars’ she  whispers.
Ole had never been with a hooker before, but decides what the hell, it’s only twenty bucks, So they hide in  the bushes.
They’re going ‘at it’ for a minute  when all of a sudden a light flashes on them.  It is a police  officer.
‘What’s going on here, people?’  asks the officer
‘I’m making love to da wife!,’ Ole answers sounding annoyed.
‘Oh, I’m sorry,’ says the cop, ‘I  didn’t know’ 
‘Well, neidder did I, til ya  shined dat light in her face.

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