Excitement at Bergland Bay Bar

Weather: Cold and possible snow


Great conditions, except for the cold that is.  Trails are flat and hard, and we are getting a few inches of snow everyday it seems like.  A nice refresh every morning.  Not a whole lot else I can say about the trails, they have been as good as they can get all year long.

A shout out to Mike, Alex and Josh from Rockland Iowa, thanks for stopping in yesterday.

We did have an incident at the Bar yesterday, Ryan from White Pigeon Mi, was eating a beef sandwich and started choking.  two of his buddies had to perform the hine-lick maneuver on him.  When the second guy did the maneuver on him a pepper shot out and he quit choking.   That was the most excitement we have had at the bar in weeks, sorry it was at your expense Ryan…….

A shout out to Jean T.   ……… Did you really threaten to cut off one of your boss’s exterminates for not putting something back in the file cabinet?

 A reader in need of parts:      I have two 1995 Polaris XLT. The water pump went out on one and Polaris has discontinued them. I have found that they are in high demand as they were used on machine from 92 -97. I have check a number of dealers and salvage places with no luck finding one. Just wondering if any of your followers would have an idea where I could find one.

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