Holy Crap it is cold

Weather: A Witches Tit has never been this cold

Trail Conditions: Who cares, it is too cold

Holy crap, it is cold outside.  At 8:30 this morning it is still 20 below, and the sun is out.  I am not sure how cold it got overnight but I am sick of this weather.  Record highs for propane prices and record lows for temperatures, what a combination.

Not much happening in the bar these days, sold a few beefs yesterday, more than I have since last weekend I think.  Traffic is low but we still get rushes now and then.  For a while Friday afternoon it looked like a normal winter for about 2 hours.  March temps have got to warm up.  If they don’t, I won’t be going for a ride until next year.  I guess I am getting old…….

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