Global warming coming to Bergland

Weather: Hey a warm up is coming.

Trail Conditions: Should all be good.

Warmer temps are on the way, the next few weeks should be ideal riding conditions.  Temps are going to be in the 20’s during the day and single digits at night.  Better than the cold ass weather have have had all year long.

Becker and i snuck away and spent the night at the Casino last night. Had a nice steak dinner and a “few” bush lights.  I think I may even have walked out ahead a little bit.  A good time was had by all.

Q: Why are polaris snowmobiles and babies alike.
A: They both love rattles. 

Q: How do you get a polaris rider exited.
A: Tell them their sled is ready for pickup at the repair shop.

Q: Why did the ski doo burn its belt up. 
A: From towing 7 polaris sleds at one time.

Q: How do you make a polaris go fast. 
A: Tow it behind a ski doo.

Q:What is a polaris snowmobile owners favorite season?
A: Summer then they dont have to work on the sled

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