Warmer days are coming soon

Weather: -11 then up into the 20’s today.

Conditions: Should be good to go

A cold morning today but then it should be the last one for a while.  It looks like a warming trend after that.  Can’t tell you much about what is going on out there, I have been in bed for the last two days trying to get rid of this stupid cold.  But with the amount of riders around I am sure conditions are very good out there.  It’s Wednesday and from here to Saturday things should start to pick up a bit.  Not a lot, just a bit.

I got a few comments about the Polaris Jokes the other day, sorry but I thought they were funny.  Just like politics, I have no preferences, if the sled starts it’s a good sled.  And if the jokes funny, I will print it LOL…..

I an really glad to see that Ronald was able to find honest work after being let go by McDonalds




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