Global Warming in Bergland

Weather: Milder by the day

Trail Conditions: Good except for 13n going into Rockland

Conditions are great from what I hear except for good ole 13n going into Rockland.  Everything else has been reported as excellent.  Temps are becoming milder with the 40’s in the forecast for this weekend.  Now is the time for a bikini run on the lake.  Don’t fret though, the Fat Lady is no where in site, night time temps are still low and next week is showing 20’s. We still have a lot of riding season left.  I am thinking about going next week and possibly taking off with Becker the week after.  All depends if our Kristie is coming back to work soon. No pressure Kristie, come back when you can LOL.

A special shout out to Anna Mae and Dave from Iowa, thanks for the donation to the website, hopefully it will ease the pain when Becker gets the bill for the new webcam.  Anna Mae gave me this website to look at an Eagles Nest live.  Click Here 

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