Lost Ski Doo bag around Bergland

Weather: 48 degrees on Monday

Trail Conditions: Their Great

Spring like weather this weekend, 48 degrees when I take off for my ride on Monday.  Nice, then high 20’s and in the teens at night for the rest of the week.  It don’t get any better than that.  Trails are great so don’t fret, a few warm days is not going to hurt the trails out in the woods.  Getting into town may be a little bare but that we can live with.

The rumors going around that the DNR is suspending grooming starting March 15 are BS.

Be careful riding Lake Gogebic, fishermen are pulling off ice shacks and there are huge berms around where the shacks use to be. Some are 3 or more feet high, hitting one of those at a high rate of speed would not be good.

I got a family that needs your help, they lost a Ski Doo bag somewhere between White Pine and Bergland, they were on trail 102.  If you find it please call me at the bar or bring it in.  I’ll buy you dinner if you do.

A shout out to Jacob, quit reading my damn blog and get back to doing your homework, or you won’t be able to ride your Yamaha Nitro…….. and quit arguing with your Mother about wearing your Sleds of Anarchy shirt to school.

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