40’s in Bergland for a few days

Weather: 40’s Sunday and Monday then back to normal

Trail Conditions: Very Good

Conditions are very good still but be careful out on Lake Gogebic.  Fishermen are pulling off their shacks and there are berms where the shacks used to be.  Stay on the hard packed trail and you should be ok.

We had a busy day yesterday, sold lots of beefs.  The season is winding down, but we are still going to have a few more good weeks of riding.  I am heading out the 10th and I think Becker and I will be heading out the 17th for a few days.

The Great Lao-Tseu said –

It is only when you see a mosquito landing on

 your testicles that you

 realize that there is always a way to solve

 problems without using violence …


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