Honey I’m Home…….

Weather: Warmer today, then snow and cooling off

Trail Conditions: Still Fantastic

I want to thank my friend Brian who told me to use his sled for my ride, thanks for the offer Brian but at last minute I decided to just rent one from Timberline.  I just do not like borrowing stuff, but thank you very much for the offer.

Wow what a great couple of days, I took off Monday afternoon and rode up to Hancock.  I seen 3 sleds in 80 miles.  It was 55 degrees when I left, the trails were soft but very smooth, 13 going into Rockland was choppy but if I got going over 50 they leveled right off.  Everything else was smooth as could be.  Tuesday I sat in a food manger’s course that we are required to do every 5 years.  Hopefully I passed the test and will be able to serve beefs next year.

Tuesday night I rode to Calumet and stayed at the Trail Side Lodge  I think I only seen one sled on the way. I took a ride into town and visited Shuties Bar, It is a must see.  They have a Brunswick Canopy over the bar that is very rare.  The inside of the place was really amazing, it was like taking a step back in time.

Wednesday was the coldest day, around 10 degrees, but I needed to go for a ride, so Copper Harbor or bust.  Flat, smooth and lonesome the trails were, I seen 4 sleds on the way up.  Trails were second to none, it was a very nice and uneventful ride.  I ate at Zik’s and had a very good Buffalo Chicken sandwich.  I debated staying overnight, but there was no one around.  I seen 2 sleds go by while I was there.  So I decided to head back south.  I rode back to the Ramada in Calumet where I had dinner and a few brews and then just soaked in the whirlpool tub for a while.

Thursday I headed back home, slowly, I really didn’t want it to end.  I stopped to see Don at the Mosquito and BS about the snowmobile season. From there I headed to Krupp’s and had one of their delicious Pastys with gravy.  After that it was a stop at Beer Belly Bob’s place in Greenland.  Next stop was Bergland where I dropped off the Sled.

I rode about 330 miles and the only rough trail I hit was 13 by Rockland.  On my way home 13 was a little better but I met the groomer half way and after I passed him, holy crap, my belly was slapping me in the chin and on my nuts.  My man boobs hurt like hell too.  Hopefully after the groomer made it all the way down and went back up again it flattened things out. 7 miles of bad trail out of 330 was not too bad at all.  Maybe I should have had 2 more beers with Beer Belly Bob………….

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