OK so I am a Dick

Weather: Colder today

Trail Conditions: Should be good for another week

I had one guy complain about Trail 1 down by Presque Isle, that is the only complaint I have heard about the trails.  I borrowed a case of beef so I will have some for today and tomorrow, I will get another order in on Tuesday, so I will have beef for next weekend.  Sorry to the people who were in yesterday after I ran out.  I sold a lot of beef this weekend.

I got called a Dick last night from a guy at the bar.  Why is it the beginning and the end of the season always seems to bring out the worst in people? Late last night I had a crowd in that was listening to music and having a good time, this guy starts banging his glass on the bar to the beat of the music, I asked him politely, at least I thought I did it politely, to please not bang his glass on the bar.  The next thing I know he jumps up and gets dressed and tells the lady he is with that they have to go because the bartender is a DICK.  So I guess I can expect another 1 on my Facebook Rating LOL.

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