12 inches and Growing


Trail Conditions: Getting ready for a refresh

WTF 13 inches on the way.  I am ready for spring with all the rest of the shack happy Yoopers up here, enough is enough.  Snow in April just plain ole SUCKS.  No two ways about it.  We are supposed to get dumped on Friday, then back to 40’s next week.  We still have 2-3 feet on the ground up here and I think it is going to be around for a while.


There’s a bunch of doctors gathered together at a doctor’s convention one night. A male doctor notices a female doctor from across the room. The female doctor notices also and the next thing you know, they’re sitting next to each other by the end of dinner.

After dinner, the male asks the woman if she wants to go up to his hotel room.

”Sure,” the woman says. ”Let me go wash my hands first.”

After she washes her hands, they have sex. After they are finished, she washes her hands again.

This is really starting to annoy the male doctor so he says, ”You know, you must be a surgeon, because you keep washing your hands.”

Angry at this remark, the woman says, ”Well, you must be an anasthesiologist, because I didn’t feel a thing!”

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