You can ride the trail until the end of April

Weather: 40’S for the next week

Trail Conditions: Still good said the riders in the Bar yesterday

I went to see George at the Hoop last night to ask him if the trails were still open.  George told me you can ride the trails until the end of April, the easements are good on private property until then.  Sorry I gave you the wrong info but hopefully you have the straight scoop now.

We got over a foot of snow yesterday, I didn’t get a report out because we spent the night at the Casino.  Tammy, Becker and I all walked out Friday morning winners, that sure don’t happen too often when everyone wins.  It was only an hour and 45 minute drive home from Watersmeet yesterday morning, and all 3 of us had smiles on our face.

Opps, just found out the front web cam is down, I’ll get it fixed as soon as I get to the bar today.




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