Sunny in DeMotte

Happy Easter Everyone. I hope you all are enjoying your families today.   I found out my daughter down in Seneca Illinois was going to my Mom’s house in Demotte Indiana for Easter so I packed up the car and grabbed Becker and headed for Demotte at 5pm yesterday. We rolled into Hollies Bar about midnight and had time to get a pretty good buzz on before we snuck into Mom’s house. At least we thought we snuck in LOL. I usually got in trouble for sneaking in at 3am but this time Mom was pleasantly surprised. We got into bed on the back porch and thought we got away with it but in came Mom. Good thing Becker didn’t take me up on a little kutckie kutchie LOL, I’m sure that would have spoiled Mom’s Easter.

I might be off line for the next 2 days, Mom doesn’t have internet, I have to go find a McDonalds to hook onto their WiFi to post this. After that it is all about Mom, my Daughter and Grand Kid for a few days.

For my friends up in the UP, right now it is 73 degrees, sunny and no fricken snow here in Demotte…..

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