Ha Ha the Snow missed us

Weather: 40’s and the snow missed us (so Far)

Trail Conditions: Mud and Snow, more mud than snow

So far the snow has missed us, hopefully that will continue through the rest of this spring.  But I’m sure we are not done yet.  They are not forecasting 50’s or sun until the first week of May.  LOL

I’m in the process of ordering pex plumbing supplies to redo the water lines in the house.  Wish me luck, I hate plumbing but I heard the pex systems were easy to install, yea right.

Not much else going on up here right now, I did hear of a few meetings going on concerning atvs.  I am kind of out of the loop on things for reasons I don’t care to discuss but I do hear some info through the grapevine.  There are actually several organizations up here working on putting more atv trails on the map, and they are all doing good things, it is just too bad personalities get involved and the nit picking goes on between them.  But we do have the DNR, USFS, local clubs, Assoations, Chamber of Comerences and Townships working on expanding the atv trails.  We will get there, but it takes time.  ( I am humming “why can’t we be friends to myself” )

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