I think I am going to fish this Year

Weather: Shitty

Trail Conditions: OK to ride the grades, but stay off the trails for now

Damn Happy belated Mother’s Day, we probably had the nicest day of the year so far yesterday.  Becker and I worked out in the yard some and then settled in for dinner and a couple movies.  I hope everyone remembered to call their Mother’s yesterday, I think I called mine 3 times.

I am calling the Ice going off Lake Gogebic yesterday, May 11th, 4 days ahead of last year.  Thursday thru Sunday’s forecast is from 45 to 65 degrees.  I had a couple of my customers ask me to take them out on Lake Gogebic but I told them I do not like to fish.  They kept insisting I take them so finally I said ok.  If you are interested, grab your poles and come with, Walleye season opens Thursday.


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