An ATVing we did go

Weather: Up into the 70’s today and sunshine

Trail Conditions: Fun but still pretty wet in areas

We left at noon but we never got to Iron River, we never made it past Watersmeet in fact, but we did make it home about 10pm.  Riding an atv is sure a lot slower than a snowmobile, you sure don’t cover much ground.  But we did stop many times and take in some of the sights, and sample a few beers along the way.  Below is a pic of the Eagle’s nest on east Shore Rd, there are eagles in there but I could not get a good view of them.



We took the ES trail down to the IRM trail, the access trail south of Route 2 had pretty deep water running across it but we made it ok.  We hit quite a few spots where there was a lot of water on the trail. But we all took it slow and made it through just fine.  From the IRM we stopped off at Rodger’s Bar, very nice people and a must stop if you are in the area. Below is Marty, Ken Pat, Becker, and Cindy and Chub in the background.

atv at rodgers

Marty, Ken and Pat headed back up north from Rodgers as they wanted to do more fishing before they headed back home to Illinois.  Becker, Cindy Chub and I proceeded east on the IRM towards Watersmeet.  Our plan was to stop at the Casino for a quick bite to eat and keep going.  Well…… I guess we were just too full to ride hahahaha.  We did some gambling, which I sucked at but Becker did ok I guess and then headed back north.  The thing that sucks down there is you have to sneak by on US 45 for a few blocks and pick up Bass Rd.  I try to stay legal when I ride but there is no way legally to get down the LL trail.  In Paulding you have the same problem.  You are again sneaking by on 45 for a few blocks to either pick up Sleepy Hollow Rd or Colderwood Rd.  When people ask me where to go I do not send them this way because of the illegal crossings you have to make.  I hope something gets done soon in this area as it makes a loop to get back to Bergland.  We made it back to the South Branch about 7pm I guess and had a few more cocktails before pulling back into Bergland around 10pm.  All in all I think it was the nicest day we had weather wise so far this year and we had a great time.

The only real problem I see with where we rode is you are on blacktop roads a lot.  This is not the best situation but it still allows us to get from point A to point B.  And you make better time on the roads than on the trail.  But bare with us, there are a lot of people working out there behind the scenes to make more trails, but it takes time.  The DNR did raise the price of Trail Stickers this year, hopefully the money will be well spent and we can see a lot more trails opening in the near future.

PS We were the only ones out on the trails, we never met up with another group.

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